Case Studies

Olark customers span industries, sectors, and continents. We've collected success stories from our customers who use Olark to increase conversion, lower call volumes, gather user insights, and more.

Lush Cosmetics UK saw 174% higher conversion for customers who chat

Learn how Lush used Olark to offer a better customer journey.

Lush Cosmetics UK
University of Montana
The University of Montana used Olark to decrease repetitive inquiries by 50%
Read UM's Story
Landmark Properties
Property Management
Landmark Properties converts 50% of Olark leads into leases
Read Landmark's Story
Remedy creates a five-star patient experience with Olark
Read Remedy's Story
ASU Prep Digital
ASU Prep Digital used Olark to support a surge of new students after COVID-19
Read ASU Prep's Story
UVA Career Center
The Career Center at UVA engages up to 50% of students on Olark live chat
Read UVA's Story
Florida SouthWestern State College
Florida SouthWestern State College assists over 10,000 students with Olark
Read FSW's Story
HBA Learning Centres
HBA Learning Centres boosted student enrollment by +15%
Read HBA's Story
Seabury Academy
The Seabury Academy used Olark to stay connected through COVID-19
Read Seabury's Story
Yoga Ed
Yoga Ed increases customer engagement with live chat and lowers email by 50%
Read Yoga Ed's Story
Kennolyn Camps
Kennolyn Camps uses Olark to lower call volume and capture more leads
Read Kennolyn's Story
VPS Underfloor Heating
VPS Underfloor Heating uses Olark to quickly serve customers and prioritize high-value orders
Read VPS's Story
Sphera Solutions logo
Sphera Solutions reduced its ticket close time by 47% using Olark live chat
Read Sphera's Story
FeneTech logo
FeneTech reaches new ERP leads worth $100,000s with Olark on WordPress
Read FeneTech's Story
Chippewa Valley Technical College logo
Chippewa Valley Technical College uses Olark to boost applications and streamline recruiting
Read Chippewa Valley Technical College's Story
Camp North Star logo
Camp North Star uses Olark to lower barriers to a sale
Read Camp North Star's Story
IMG Academy logo
IMG Academy qualified 71% of their live chat leads
Read IMG Academy's Story
Zack Academy logo
Zack Academy sees 4.5x more customer conversions from live chat than non-chat methods
Read Zack Academy's Story
Keiphone logo
Keiphone uses Olark to convert up to 1000 new customers a month
Read Keiphone's Story
Sleeping Duck logo
Sleeping Duck customers request their favorite agents on Olark
Read Sleeping Duck's Story
Command Alkon logo
Command Alkon uses Olark to convert 100s of landing page visitors into valuable B2B leads
Read Command Alkon's Story
Sterlitech logo
Sterlitech uses Olark live chat and Salesforce to convert high-value B2B filtration customers
Read Sterlitech's Story
Adler University logo
Adler University uses Olark live chat and Salesforce to boost masters and doctoral enrollment
Read Adler University's Story
Palmer Johnson Power Systems logo
PJ Power closes $258K+ in ecommerce sales push with support of Olark live chat
Read Palmer Johnson Power Systems's Story
Fruition logo
Fruition uses Olark and Salesforce to nurture quality enterprise leads
Read Fruition's Story
The City of Vancouver logo
The City of Vancouver fields 5,000+ service requests monthly with Olark live chat
Read The City of Vancouver's Story
Franklin University logo
Franklin University uses Olark’s CoPilot and Slate integration to answer admissions questions 24/7
Read Franklin University's Story
Creative Bag logo
Creative Bag uses Olark CoPilot to automate up to 80% of support responses
Read Creative Bag's Story

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