Who's visiting your store?

Shipping issues, product questions, conveying trust, reinforcing your brand, and closing sales; the way you handle these things makes the difference between a ecommerce site’s success or failure.

This is what you’ll see when you are using Olark on your site; your next big sale, people doing research, looking to buy, or in need of support:

You have the power to influence the people on your site right now! We built Olark to be the easiest most effective way to understand what's happening on your E-Commerce store and actually do something about it!

When I started I only thought of the value as being able to talk to people. Now I realize that talking is only half the value. I like very much that I can simply see what people are looking at on my site…
Andy Lakatos Barchefs.com

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Customers who chat are 3x more likely to buy again

Make people happy, and you will have a lot more FUN running an online store; this is an important but often overlooked point. Every moment you spend talking to your customers is an investment in your relationship with your customers, and your brand.

This is what separates you from the big companies that sell a cheaper version of your product on a cooler looking site. You are accessible, refreshingly human, interesting, filled with personality, helpful, and now you are a part of your customer’s life. I go to Amazon for the best price. I go to you because you’re endearing.

Your customers come to your store for your products but they come back for YOU.

Customers who chat average 40% more per cart

You are more affective than any image or text at closing a sale. You have more answers than the most comprehensive FAQ. Olark will empower your customers use you as a resource to address heir concerns. You can play a role in making your website perform, and your customers will love you for it.

Think about when you go shopping on the web. If you have a major question lingering, do you still make the purchase? By being available, you can help customers who need that specific answer to justify the purchase in their mind.

Live chat will help your customers stay in the, “I’m going to buy this and I don’t see any problem with that” state of mind.

*We analyzed a random sampling of 250 of our e-commerce clients to arrive at our average figures 40% and 300%. Individual stores varied wildly in their results but we're confident that using Olark will be a net plus!

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Talk to your customers with Olark, it's easy!

Answer quick or nuanced questions to keep your customers from abandoning the buying process.

Customers have anxiety about making any purchase on the Internet. Every aspect of the buying process is designed to lower that anxiety. Think about how many different elements in E-Commerce stores are aimed at making the customer feel good about their purchase: ratings, testimonials, images, videos, sales copy, and product reviews. All of this is aimed at making the user comfortable with the idea of buying your product.

In the mind of the customer, an unanswered question is a reason to NOT buy. “Do they have my size?” “What’s the store’s policy for returns?” “Was this made ethically?” “Can I get a discount?”

When they have no questions left, they’re ready to buy. So be available. Imagine how many more sales you could close.

With Olark Live Chat, your customers can reach out and present you their anxieties about purchasing. You can address every concern (price, logic of purchase, returns, etc..) and help them feel good about following through with the purchase - aren’t you a fun person to talk to? you should be!

Your customers will think highly of you and appreciate that you saved them an email/call That’s also one less email or support call to take up your time, and one more happy customer who is likely to come back - even more likely to refer you to others.

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What you get with Olark

  • Mobile and IM clients: Use Olark anywhere! Chat with visitors on your website from your desktop, your laptop, your iPhone, or your Blackberry. We work with standard chat (IM) clients (such as Messages, Pidgin and smartphone apps) and services (Jabber) which means YOU get to decide what software to use.

  • Multiple Operators Handle higher volumes of visitors with more operators. Each operator connects using the chat client of their choice and other operators are automatically notified when a visitor’s chat has been responded to, eliminating duplicate responses.

  • Unlimited Domains: One Account and Infinite URLs You can put Olark on any number of websites. Infinity. Seriously. Infinity.

  • Go Away: Offline Messages and Hiding Even when you’re unavailable for chat you can gather qualified leads (name and email) from your website as people leave messages on the widget. You can also choose to simply hide the Olark widget when you’re unavailable.

  • Design: Complete visual customization Your brand is important and we provide themes, easy color customization, and even a white-label (non-branded) version so Olark fits right into the look and feel of your site.

  • International Support All visitor-facing text strings are customizable and we’re fully UTF8 compliant to support practically any language you throw at Olark.

  • Chat Transcripts (with tagging) Access important conversations with important information like emails and phone numbers already pulled out for you. You can use tags to group transcripts - ie. “Qualified Lead”, “Example for best/worst practices”, “Testimonial”, you get the idea.

  • Floating Chat Box: Continue chats across pages Chats persist as visitors move through your site and even off-site when a visitor follows an external link!