Olark live chat software can help your team uncover more sales leads

If your sales team is looking for a way to find more leads, Olark sales chat is the solution. Olark makes it easy to pass a sales qualified leads on to your team for follow-up, or to conduct a quick demo right in chat to get a prospect excited.

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Get an email with every conversation

Turn on Olark's Pre Chat Survey to require an email before every conversation. This way every chat is a new lead in your sales funnel.

Use transcripts to improve your sales funnel

By reviewing your Transcripts each month, you can see what your customers are saying about your competitors. Use this insight to make your sales touch points - responses on live chat, ads, handouts, web copy - more effective.

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Adding an Olark live chat widget on our product pages started generating more leads for us, which resulted in an 25-35 percent increase in sales and site conversion rates.


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The most widely used CRM connects with Olark to let you create cases & leads from chat or attach chats to customer records.

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If you want to connect Olark to a simple CRM, consider Highrise - a CRM to keep all customer contact points in one place.

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Using Hubspot's CRM for sales & marketing? Our integration makes it easy to attach chats to customer records & initiate workflows.

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