You know Mailchimp. You love MailChimp. Now you can connect the live chat software you love - Olark - with MailChimp. When you integrate Olark with MailChimp, your agents can add visitors who start a chat directly to a MailChimp email list with a simple chat command. A link to the full chat transcript will also be automatically included in the Notes tab of that visitor’s subscriber profile. For a marketing-focused small business sending targeted emails and newsletter blasts, this integration will help you convert potential new leads.

Connect MailChimp

How it works

Step 1

During any Olark chat as an agent, type !mailchimp and hit enter.

illustration of how the integration works, step one

Step 2

We’ll add the visitor’s email address to your Mailchimp mailing list.

illustration of how the integration works, step two

Olark brings the power of customer information to your fingertips in real-time conversations.