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Customer Service

Start a case, open a ticket, or flag a customer interaction for follow-up - Olark feeds transcripts to your HelpDesk with a single keystroke so your team can quickly track and recall customer transactions and make customers happy every time they visit.


Olark lets your sales team talk to customers while they're shopping. But what happens when the chat ends? Connect Olark to your CRM to sync all customer communications and empower your team to close more sales, optimize conversions and decrease churn.


What if you could answer a customer's question when they need you most? Or help them find one more item before they check out? Attach Olark to your shopping cart so your team can come to a customer's rescue at the right time.


Does your content make sense? Is your website intuitive? Where are your bottlenecks? Olark helps you collect qualitative visitor feedback and combine it with analytics and marketing automation software to understand what's working and what needs work.

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