With the Olark and Nutshell integration, you can start a conversation with your customers on live chat, and send that chat transcript to Nutshell CRM for additional follow-up. Nutshell helps small- to mid-sized businesses generate sales cadence to improve the efficacy of the sales process. The customer intelligence provided by the Olark and Nutshell integration will help you better understand your clients, where you are in the relationship with them, and how to take that relationship to the next level.

Connect Nutshell

How it works

Step 1

During any Olark chat as an agent, type !nutshell and hit enter.

illustration of how the integration works, step one

Step 2

We’ll create a case in Nutshell with your chat attached. Voila!

illustration of how the integration works, step two

Olark brings the power of customer information to your fingertips in real-time conversations.