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We're here to help

At Olark, we believe the world is a better place when everyone helps each other...

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So in 2009, with initial funding by Y Combinator, we built a live chat platform that enables businesses to connect with their customers.

Today Olark is used by more than 12,000 businesses worldwide, and our team has grown from four friends in Palo Alto to a fully remote team that spans three continents. We value diversity of thought and backgrounds and seek to hire genuine people who will push our culture to always be better, more inclusive, and more human.

Tesha Richardson, Design Conceptualist
Tesha Richardson
Design Conceptualist
Huntington Beach, CA
Ben Schultz, Data Guru
Ben Schultz
Data Guru
Boston, MA
Brooke Gosden, Happy Customer Consultant
Brooke Gosden
Happy Customer Consultant
Farr West, UT
Barbara Maniar, Customer Support Panda
Barbara Maniar
Customer Support Panda
San Jose, CA
Rhoda Meek, Customer Service Warrior
Rhoda Meek
Customer Service Warrior
Tiree, Scotland
I love working at Olark because of the awesome culture, and the fact that they support my fledgling vegetable business. I love growing veg and farming because it gives me a break from screens :-)
Every day a team of incredibly bright people wake up, sign on from around the world, and come together to make Olark work for our customers.
Mark Betz,  Sudo Wrestler,  Long Valley, NJ
Mark Betz, Sudo Wrestler
Ben Congleton, Chief Executive Olarker
Ben Congleton
Chief Executive Olarker
Palo Alto, CA
We've grown and changed so much since the beginning, but at our core Olark has remained about the people: our team, our customers, and our customers' customers.
Mary Balconi, People Operations Alchemist
Mary Balconi
People Operations Alchemist
Ann Arbor, MI
Deepak Ramanathan, VP of Marketing
Deeps Ramanathan
VP of Marketing
Menlo Park, CA
Kyle Owens, Systems Mentat
Kyle Owens
Systems Mentat
Pullman, WA
Hector Urtubia, Appstronomer
Hector Urtubia
Reno, NV
I love working at Olark because the team has such a positive outlook - Olarkers are a very smart, respectful, and friendly bunch.
Juliet Williams,  VP Product,  Brooklyn, NY
Julie Williams, Head of Product Design
Matt Pizzimenti, Chief Technology Olarker
Matt Pizzimenti
Chief Technology Olarker
Palo Alto, CA
Joe Westhead, Chief Brit
Joe Westhead
Chief Brit
Livonia, MI
Emily Russell, Customer Happiness Crusader
Emily Russell
Customer Happiness Crusader
Kristianstad, Sweden
Sarah Betts, Feels Herder
Sarah Betts
Feels Herder
Portland, OR
Nick Hill, Systems Mechanic
Nick Hill
Systems Mechanic
Madison Heights, MI
Olark has a great team of fascinating people from whom I learn something every day. We promote personal and professional development through sharing of ideas, talents, and hobbies.
Whichever work space I’m occupying, you'll probably find me on a couch trying to solve something-or-other. I'll always be known as "that guy with a goat farm", but I don't hold that against anyone.
Aaron Wilson,  Senior Bit Polisher,  Palo Alto, CA
Aaron Wilson, Senior Bit Polisher
Nick MacInnis, Olarchivist
Nick MacInnis
San Diego, CA
Mandy Smith, People Person
Mandy Smith
People Person
Austin, TX
Nick Crohn, Director of Dinosaur Hunting
Nick Crohn
Director of Dinosaur Hunting
Chandler, AZ
Phillip Whisenhunt, Backbonista
Phillip Whisenhunt
Portland, OR
Olark has the best people I've ever worked with. Period.
Andrew Henry, Holistic Engineer
Andrew Henry
Holistic Engineer
Oxford, MS
I asked my mom what made me unique. She said: "Your analytical side makes you good in the computer science industry but your spiritual side saves you from being a computer geek...LOL"
Alicia Suttie,  Olarker of Gilead,  Vancouver, BC
Alicia Suttie, Olarker of Gilead
Miranda Nash, Idea Organizer
Miranda Nash
Idea Organizer
Highlands, NJ
Ryan Cerda, Happiness Hero
Ryan Cerda
Happiness Hero
Austin, TX
Rhienn Davis, Olark Support, Cat Behavior Consultant
Rhienn Davis
Olark Support, Cat Behavior Consultant
Edmonds, WA
Fernando Takai, Variable Declarer
Fernando Takai
Variable Declarer
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Civvy Ornellas, Technical Support Champion
Civvy Ornellas
Technical Support Champion
Atlanta, GA
Kaitlyn Shipp, Head of Partnerships
Kaitlyn Shipp
Head of Partnerships
Dallas, Pennsylvania