Customize your widget

You won't need a PhD in design to customize the Olark live chat widget. Our customization dashboard makes it obvious how to change the chat box color, text, and language.

graphic showing an Olark chatbox with customization options
A color wheel showing the full spectrum of colors with two colors chosen

Match your brand

Use a color wheel or enter a hex number so your chat box primary and secondary colors match your brand.

An avatar showing a picture of a smiling chat agent

Make your chat box human

Greet your customers with a friendly hello and a smiling avatar. You can customize text that will grab your visitor's attention, and have your agents upload a headshot.

An illustration of two chat bubbles connected

Speak the same language

We've made it easy to localize your chat app language. Pick from our list of languages like Chinese, Portuguese, or German - or use the Olark API to customize in another language.

Shape your customer experience

We offer a bunch of different ways to customize the shape and appearance of your chat box, including:

Sun and moon icons

Light or dark background

Icons showing lower left and lower right placement

Chat box position

Icons showing a button and tab shape

Button or tab shape

Icons showing rounded or square corners

Rounded or sharp corners

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