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When customers give you feedback on every Olark chat, you'll know if you're making customers happier, instantly. Then track results over time with our beautiful, detailed reports.

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Talk to only the customers you want

Worried about getting too many chats or want to make sure you reach exactly the right visitors? Targeted Chat lets you set rules to interact only with customers who go to a specific page or perform specific behaviors (stop cart abandonment!). It can also allow you to offer VIP support to premium customers.

Manage customer relationships

If you want to keep track of customers and build a relationship over time, there's no better way than Olark live chat + a CRM. Our CRM integrations include Salesforce, Zendesk, Desk.com and Highrise and let you keep all your conversations with customers in their file, so you can track history and your sales team always knows when issues arise.

Setup is Easy

You’ll see who's on your site, including location, what they’re looking at, where they’ve been, and time on site. Set the number of chats you want to receive and get notified when new chats come in. You can also use Olark with your favorite IM client.

Type Faster With Shortcuts

Shortcuts allow you to create commands that expand to pre-defined greetings, messages or links.

Control who takes the chat

Are some of your visitors looking for support and others wanting your sales team? Olark Groups allows you to direct chats to the right person for the job.

Requires Platinum or Ultimate plan

Gain sophisticated insights

Olark provides powerful reports to help you understand the impact of your chats. Along with an integration with Google Analytics, you can learn about customer and operator behavior and how to improve your business overall.

Save the cart

The best time to influence a customer’s buying decision is when they are considering the purchase. Unlike a too-late email, Olark Cartsaver lets you see what’s in the customer’s cart in real time so you can reach out and upsell in the moment or answer their questions before they leave the cart behind. How does a 40% increase in cart size and 3x retention sound?

Requires Magento or Shopify

Advanced options for Olarking

In addition to the awesome features we continue to develop, we offer a useful API that allows you to trick out Olark even further. And our extensive helpdesk will help you get started even if you’re not a master developer.

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