Olark - Help Scout Integration

Automatically deliver chat transcripts to your Help Scout mailbox for an easy way to support your customers, everywhere they are.

Connect Help Scout

This integration requires a paid plan for Olark and Help Scout.

Auto-deliver Live Chat Transcripts to Help Scout

Join 700+ companies that have already integrated Olark with Help Scout to automatically deliver chat transcripts to your mailbox. Help Scout pulls customer profile information (like IP address, location and browser/OS) into a separate note in your mailbox, and the conversation will be marked as a chat for future reference - making sure no piece of conversation slips from your notes.

Help Scout

Make Your Business Human with Live Chat

Olark Live Chat

If your small business needs a simple, powerful website chat widget, then Olark is right for you. It only takes minutes to add our intuitive live chat software to your website. Once installed, Olark makes it easy to talk more customers on your website in a human way, which has been shown to increase sales, increase average purchase size, and improve customer satisfaction.

How it works

Step 1

During any Olark chat as an agent, type !helpscout and hit enter.

illustration of how the integration works, step one

Step 2

We’ll create a case in Help Scout with your chat attached. Voila!

illustration of how the integration works, step two

Are you an existing Olark customer?

Not an Olark or a Salesforce customer?

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This integration is free for users on a paid Olark and Help Scout accounts.