Need a little something extra? Grab an Olark PowerUp! Specialized features for sales, growth, and customer service, available to add to any Olark plan with a flexible monthly subscription.

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Cutting-edge functionality

We partner with leading experts to meticulously design, build, and test each PowerUp, incorporating the latest and greatest in digital communication and customer analytics technology.

Effortless activation

PowerUps are activated from your admin dashboard, and appear in your Olark agent console — no third-party add-ons or downloads required. Monthly billing and one-click deactivation make it easy to pay only for what you need.

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Visitor Cobrowsing

Get on the same page with your visitor! See their screen and provide a personal experience for purchases, shopping, support and all other tasks.

Visitor Insights

Score leads, prioritize chats, and personalize your service and sales approach with visitor data collected from public social profiles and company websites.

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Live Chat Translation

Capture leads and sales from around the world with automatic language detection and real-time translation in your chatbox and agent console.

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Non-Branded Chatbox

Keep your visitors focused on your product and brand by removing the Powered By Olark link from your chatbox.

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