Can I customize the Olark CSS?

We do not offer custom CSS. We do offer an easy-to-use customization GUI to make Olark match your site and brand.

Can I resell Olark?

The Olark affiliate program lets you can earn commissions for every new customer you refer.

Can I use Olark on multiple domains?

Yes. You can add Olark to as many sites as you want, and manage chats from one account.

Do I have to be online all the time?

You can be online and offline when it’s convenient for you. If you’re offline - maybe your business is closed for the day, or all of your agents are at their limit for concurrent chats - you can have the Olark chat widget function as an email form; or you can hide the chat box.

Read more on Olark’s offline functionality.

Do I need a developer to install Olark?

If you have access to your website HTML, then you should not need a developer to help you install Olark. To install Olark live chat software on your website, you simply copy and paste the code snippet we provide to your website HTML.

Do you offer discounts/coupons?

You can receive a discount on paid plans by purchasing an annual or bi-annual plan (paying for 1 year or 2 years up front). Sign-up for Olark.

While we occasionally offer limited coupons through our channel partners (like incubators for startups), we do not regularly offer coupons.

Do you offer non-profit/education pricing?

We do offer special pricing for not-for-profit organizations. Please send an email to support@olark.com for more information. You will be expected to provide your IRS and state tax exempt status.

Do you offer video chat?

Currently we do not support video chat.

Does Olark have an API?

Yes! We offer a JavaScript API that allows you to customize the Olark chat box further. Read up on our API documentation.

Want to use our API to create an integration with your platform? Contact developers@olark.com

Does Olark offer any bots?

At this time, no. But we are exploring ways to integrate chatbots in Olark to make the humans who use chat more powerful.

How do I get access to all features?

Simply sign up for a paid plan (all of our paid plans come with a free 14 day trial to give them a try).

Is live chat right for my business?

We think every business should offer live chat on its website. Of course, we’re a bit biased. Many Olark users have said they chose live chat because they wanted to increase sales. Others have said they chose Olark to improve their customer support process. Still others have said they use live chat to generate new leads for their sales funnel.

If you have a business goal in mind that you need help with, start a chat with us and we can help you talk through whether chat is right for your business.

How much does Olark cost?

On an Olark paid plan, you only pay for the number of agents you need. If you just need one agent on chat, you only pay for one agent per month. Need to scale up the team? You can go to olark.com/billing and add/subtract agents and your billing will automatically adjust.

I want all the features now. Will I get that during my 14 day free trial?

Yes. Everyone who signs up for a paid plan and begins a 14 day free trial will have access to all features on Day 1.

Is Olark free?

There is a free Olark plan with access to limited features.

Is there an Olark mobile app?

Not at this time, but we do integrate with some third party apps. Check out our help article on Olark supported mobile apps.

Once I sign up for Olark, how do I get help when I have a question?

On Chat. We provide customer support through the chat tab on our site (bottom right corner). Click there and you can expect a response within a minute. Chat support is available Monday through Friday, 6:00am PST to 3:00pm PST.

On Email. You can email support@olark.com and we usually respond within a few hours.

On Twitter. You can tweet to @OlarkSupport.

Wait...What's an agent?

An agent is the person on your team that will be using Olark to chat. They’ll be the one responding to chats from visitors on your website.

What is All Hands Support?

At Olark we practice All Hands Support - a process wherein everyone in our organization helps with customer support (CS). While we do have a dedicated CS team, other non-CS team members from our CEO to our interns each take a shift on chat support. It gives our entire team better insight into our customers’ needs, and how the product is performing.

Does your team practice All Hands Support? Email us at support@olark.com and tell us your story.

What is Olark?

Olark is live chat software for websites. Add our code snippet to your website HTML and you’ll have a small chat widget that visitors can use to talk to your business.

What is Orlak?

Orlak is a common misspelling of Olark. It may also be a mythical, good-natured troll that wanders the hills of Norway looking for lost souls to help. Orlak can be found hanging out with Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and the Yeti.

Where are you located?

Olark is a fully distributed team. We maintain a headquarters office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but you can find Olarkers in North America, South America, and Europe.

Where does Olark store my data? Is it secure?

It is. All chat transcript data and visitor information (IP address, browser, referring page) is stored in access controlled databases in the United States. We actively maintain the security of our infrastructure to industry standards. All data that is collected is stored in an encrypted format.

Who handles my chat? Does Olark answer chats for me?

Olark does not answer chats for you. We provide the software and best practices on using the software. You choose colleagues in your own organization - or outsource customer service agents - to handle live chats on your site.

We do offer Olark training - sign-up for a training course now.