A chatbox is offline when all of the agents are either away or offline.

Olark offers you three different offline modes for our widget that you can choose from for your customers when no one is around to chat.

All of the settings we will cover in this guide can be altered on our Behavior settings page.

Offline email form

Our first default mode is the offline email form. You can offer your visitors the ability to send you an email to an address of your choice when you are not around to chat. You can choose this option by checking the radio button for Use Offline Form.


Offline message

The next mode we offer is one in which you can share an offline message, but not accept any emails to be sent through our tool. Choose this option by selecting the radio button for Use Offline Message.


The last option we offer for offline modes is the ability to hide the widget altogether. You can select this option by checking the radio button for Hide Chatbox when Offline. Please note, this is only available to customers on paid plans.

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