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Never miss another customer conversation! The Olark live chat integration for Slack lets teams chat directly in Slack, collaborate with teammates in conversation channels, and daylight positive chat feedback.

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Built for Sales and Support Teams that Live in Slack

Every conversation is a sales opportunity. With the Olark Slack App, your team will never miss another conversation!

Simple to setup and easy to use, The Olark Slack App is one of the first live chat apps to enable two-way conversations directly in Slack. It also enables teammates to collaborate on customer conversations, displays 5 star feedback when a chat agent has a great customer interaction, and even notifies your organization if your team is maxed out on chat.

By using this integration, you’ll be able to:

  • Talk to your Olark visitors directly from Slack
  • Have a global Olark notifications channel to keep your team in sync!
  • Use the regular Olark agent commands
  • Collaborate with the rest of your Olark team inside Slack
  • And other features!

How it works

Step 1

Connect Olark and Slack through our Integrations Portal
illustration of how the integration works, step one

Step 2

Use the integration in your Slack workspace
illustration of how the integration works, step two
Olark Live Chat

Make your business human with Live Chat

If your small business needs a simple, powerful website chat widget, then Olark is right for you. It only takes minutes to add our intuitive live chat software to your website. Once installed, Olark makes it easy to talk more customers on your website in a human way, which has been shown to increase sales, increase average purchase size, and improve customer satisfaction.
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Slack Simplifies Team Communication

Slack is the foundation for teamwork. This powerful collaborative platform creates alignment and shared understanding across teams, enhancing their productivity, easing friction, and making everyone’s life a little easier. Slack brings communication across an entire organization together in one place, providing a shared workspace where every conversation is accessible and organized.
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