HBA Learning Centres boosted enrollment by +15%

Learn how HBA Learning Centre used Olark to increase student conversion and engagement.

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HBA Learning Centres is an Australia-based organization with a mission to provide accessible, inclusive, engaging, and meaningful vocational education and training. They provide flexible, affordable learning pathways for students across Australia to strengthen their employability skills and further their career prospects. About 60% of their revenue comes from businesses looking to educate and train their employees.

Before signing up for Olark, HBA realized that while they were seeing a considerable amount of traffic coming to their site, the number of inquiries coming in was low. This gap was leaving business on the table for HBA resulting in lost revenue and missed opportunities by not being able to speak with visitors while they were on the site.

HBA Learning Centres provides business and skills training along with various assessments and certifications to learners across Australia. HBA has been in business since 1989, working with individual learners and corporate clients.


In 2017, the HBA team began using Olark for their Customer Service team with four agent seats. The goal was to increase the number of students enrolled in their courses and to engage more proactively with their website visitors.

Key Olark features used:

Transcripts & Chat Ratings
The most-used feature for the HBA team is transcripts. They routinely use chat transcripts for training to give their Customer Service experts guidance on what to do and not to do during a chat with a learner. Their team reviews transcripts and chat ratings on a weekly basis. It allows their team to create standards for customer service and ensure that their website is updated with the information their visitors are asking for.

Automatic Greeter
The automatic greeter allows their agents to start a chat with a visitor rather than waiting for them to begin the conversation. If an agent is available to chat, an automatic greeting will be sent to the visitor after just 1 minute of being on the site. This feature helps teams proactively engage with visitors giving them the nudge they need to chat.

Live Chat Forms
But what happens when the HBA team goes home for the day? They are still receiving inquiries. If the HBA team is offline and unavailable to chat, visitors can still fill out a contact form right in the chatbox sending their questions through an email right to the HBA team for them to follow-up once they’re back online. The contact form tracks HTTP Referrers and ad campaigns so they can see where their new students are coming from.

Google Analytics
They can see how many conversions have occurred because of Olark and what type of volume is coming in from their live chat channel. This integration helps their team validate that Olark is working for them.

In other channels, HBA has seen that visitors like to retain their anonymity, which is why Olark makes it easy for them to ask questions without the pressure of providing their phone numbers, email addresses, or personal information. The HBA team assumes that visitors are wary of giving personal information through traditional contact forms or by calling a customer service center since it will enroll them into some type of direct marketing.

Olark has been an overwhelming success for the HBA team. They estimate a +15% increase in learner enrollment since implementing Olark live chat onto their website.

While HBA still offers a stand-alone contact form on their website, they often see that once they call a lead back after submitting the form, only 40% of those calls get answered. Through Olark the engagement with future students is much stronger. it’s a different relationship that exists between HBA and future learners.

Olark has allowed HBA to increase enrollment in their vocational courses and training programs and optimize their website based on inquiries coming in. Their team continues to hold an impeccable customer service standard by reviewing Olark transcripts and chat ratings in internal training sessions and continues to see positive ROI through their live chat channel.

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HBA has seen that visitors like to retain their anonymity.

HBA estimates a +15% increase in learner enrollment since implementing Olark.

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"Olark has become an integral part of our marketing. We spend some substantial sums on marketing whether it be through advertising, whether it be through promotions…Olark provides a major linchpin between all of the activities designed to get them onto our website and [talking to] us."

Harold Baldry, Owner, HBA Learning Centres

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