Yoga Ed increases customer engagement with live chat and lowers email by 50%

Learn how the global program uses Olark to work more efficiently and inform their business.

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Yoga Ed started as an innovative mindfulness and yoga program in a single LA charter school. 20 years later, it’s a global program that provides online training and resources for teachers and other youth professionals, empowering them to bring these powerful practices to children and teens.

After making the move online, Yoga Ed needed a way to connect with and assist the professionals and organizations coming to their site. Startups they knew recommended Olark.

Yoga Ed has certified thousands of people in the art and science of integrating yoga and mindfulness into their work - across 6 continents, 45 countries, 11K+ schools, 78K+ educators, and 15M+ students.

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Olark gives Yoga Ed an initial point of connection to engage with their customers. Currently it’s staffed by a team of two (soon expanding to three). “We use it very simply and have been very satisfied with it,” says co-founder Julia Bond. “They’re the functions we need!”

Key Olark features used:

Chat Routing
When both of Yoga Ed’s team members are on live chat, Olark’s routing gives them a fluid experience as a team. Each agent is able to see every incoming chat and the first agent to respond takes the chat.

Shopping Cart Saver
Because Yoga Ed sells courses online, they added the Shopping Cart Saver setting which integrates right into their cart platform. Once a customer adds something to their cart or begins the checkout process, the agent is notified so they can step in to help customers during the buying journey.

Automated Greetings
When a visitor has looked at two landing pages on Yoga Ed’s website, Olark sends an automated message, greeting them without being intrusive.

The Yoga Ed team uses pre-chat forms to collect lead information from visitors before they chat. While the team is away, a site visitor can also leave a message in Olark. This acts like a convenient message box that they can later catch up on.

Salesforce Integration
With Forms, Yoga Ed collects information to build customer profiles. This integrates with Salesforce to send visitor information directly to their CRM. Chat transcripts are also pushed into Salesforce to track which visitors are engaging.

During a course cycle, Yoga Ed may get 20-50 emails per day, and 5-10 chat messages when they are close to a program start. They see a drop in emails of up to 50% of that initial number when consistently using live chat. Their organizational customers, like principals, also commonly use Olark to connect, which Yoga Ed notes is crucial to their B2B sales.

Based on feedback they receive from live chat, Yoga Ed adds to their question box, adjusts messaging, and learns about other credentials their may customers need (such as social work credentials), helping drive their program direction.

Olark helps Yoga Ed’s lean team work efficiently, engage site visitors even when away, cut down on email, and clinch B2B sales. Live chat interactions also inform many of the organization’s business and marketing decisions. Above all, Yoga Ed values the friendly initial point of customer contact that Olark provides.

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Olark Cart Saver gives a direct view into purchases.

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"Our website is our storefront. Olark is the way for the staff in our store to engage with the person who’s coming in to figure out what’s on the shelf, learn more, and find their size."

Julie Bond, Co-Founder, Yoga Ed

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