How to use Olark live chat to acquire sales leads

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Looking for a way to capture more leads from your website? Olark live chat could be your solution. Olark makes it easy to collect email addresses, build customer profiles, and pass sales qualified leads to your team for followup.

Download our complete guide to acquiring leads with live chat:

Capture an email with every conversation

With Olark's pre-chat survey, you can prompt new visitors to enter their email address when starting a chat — so every chat becomes a new lead in your sales funnel.

Build visitor profiles with custom data fields

Use Olark's custom profile fields to collect any and all relevant information about leads and customers — from name and location to company size, favorite color, and more.
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Live chat made it easy for our customers to reach a member of our customer experience team and significantly cut down on our email and phone cases.

Hannah Catania, Marketing Analyst, Truly
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Olark + Salesforce

Connect Olark and Salesforce to start converting chat conversations into leads in your sales funnel.

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Olark + MailChimp

Connect Olark and Mailchimp to automatically add customers who chat to targeted mailing lists.

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Olark + Hubspot

Connect Olark and Hubspot to attach chat transcripts to customer records and initiate workflows.

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