Guide: Increase sales with live chat

Start conversations automatically

Sales is a numbers game. With Olark, you can send automated messages to all visitors who match certain criteria, so you're always inviting visitors to engage with chat as they're considering a purchase.
If a customer is on the checkout page for more than 60 seconds
portrait of a chat agent
Can I answer any other questions for you before you check out?
When a customer views a customizable product page
portrait of a chat agent 2
This product comes in 3 different sizes. Can I help you pick the right one?
When you want to upsell complementary products
portrait of a chat agent 3
Thinking of buying a new bike? We're having a sale on bike locks too.

Personalize every conversation

Olark live chat gives you detailed, real-time information about the person you're chatting with, including quick links to transcripts of any previous chats they've had, so you can tailor the conversation precisely to their needs.

See which page they're on

portrait of a chat visitor woman

Quickly pull up past conversations

portrait of a chat visitor man

With Olark, [one of my properties] has had at least 10 to 15 leases who we’ve captured strictly from us messaging them on Olark when they come to our website. In my opinion, and company-wide, we see this as a huge success.

Bertie Clayton, Regional Marketing and Leasing Specialist, Landmark Properties
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Olark + Google Analytics

Connect Olark and Google Analytics to create custom eCommerce reports and view sales generated by live chat.

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Olark + Salesforce

Connect Olark and Salesforce to start converting chat conversations into leads in your sales funnel.

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Olark + Hubspot

Connect Olark and Hubspot to attach chat transcripts to customer records and initiate workflows.

Your next customer is on your website. Talk to them.