The Visitor Insights PowerUps are designed to give chat agents more detailed information about the visitors they’re chatting with.

These PowerUps use a third-party data service (FullContact) to find and organize information about the visitor that’s publicly available on the web, e.g., from public social profiles and corporate websites. FullContact uses the visitor’s email address to query these sources, so you’ll need to collect visitor emails to use these PowerUps. We suggest handling this with a pre-chat survey.

Available data

The Visitor Insights: Social PowerUp provides the following information:

  • Links to the visitor’s social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • A list of the visitor’s interests, based on social profile information

The Visitor Insights: Social + Professional PowerUp provides all of the information in the Visitor Insights: Social PowerUp, plus:

  • The visitor’s industry, company and job title
  • The visitor’s age bracket and gender

Data sources

Visitor Insights data is provided by FullContact. FullContact matches the visitor’s email address to public social profiles and corporate websites, and then parses that public data to select the fields that are displayed in the chat console.

FullContact is only able to reference data that an individual or company has already made public. We encourage chat agents to verify the information by clicking through to social profiles and company websites (using the links provided) and by asking followup questions during the chat. Profile data is a powerful tool, but it’s not a substitute for a real human conversation!

For more information on data sources and accuracy, refer to FullContact’s documentation.

Accessing data

Visitor Insights data is accessible in real time from within the chat console, and from chat transcripts after a chat ends.

  • When you start a chat with a new visitor, you’ll automatically see any available visitor insights displayed on the right-hand side of the chat console.
  • If you want to review visitor insights after the chat ends, navigate to the chat transcript (, look for the customer information on the right, select the Insights tab, and select View Insights.

Data accuracy, completeness, and limitations

Because Visitor Insights data is provided by a third-party service, we can’t guarantee that this data will always be accurate or complete. The following information should give you a sense of what to expect in terms of accuracy, completeness, and data limitations.

If you find that you’re not getting useful data, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to refund your PowerUp purchase. Refer to this article for more details on our refund policies.

Accuracy: According to FullContact, returned data should be accurate in at least 90% of cases. If there is significant uncertainty in the data, FullContact will simply return a “no data” message (see below).

Completeness: FullContact will not return data for every visitor or email address; According to their documentation, match rates (the percentage of email addresses for which they are able to return data) are generally between 20 and 60%.

Other limitations:

  • FullContact requires a valid email address to match your visitor’s data, so you’ll need to collect an email address from every visitor for these PowerUps to work. We recommend collecting emails with a pre-chat survey.
  • The Visitor Insights Profile: Social + Professional PowerUp requires an email address that uses a company domain (e.g., to match the visitor’s company, industry, and job title.

Understanding “No data” messages

If FullContact isn’t able to find data on a visitor, you’ll see a “No data” or “We couldn’t find that information” message. Specific reasons for missing data include:

  • The visitor didn’t provide an email address. The simplest way to collect a visitor’s email address is with a pre-chat survey. If you’re initiating chats proactively or prefer not to use a survey, you’ll need to ask the visitor for their email address after the chat starts, and then update their information with the !email command.

  • The visitor’s email address isn’t associated with any social profiles. If the email address your visitor provided is different from the one they use for their social accounts, FullContact won’t be able to match their social profiles.

  • The visitor doesn’t have a social media presence. If the visitor isn’t active on any common social media platforms, or if the email address provided can’t be matched to any social accounts, FullContact won’t be able to return social data.

  • The visitor’s email address doesn’t use a company domain. FullContact uses the email domain to match company information. If the email address uses a generic domain (@gmail, @comcast, etc.), FullContact won’t return the visitor’s company or role — their social profile information may still be available, however.

  • Information is missing from the visitor’s social profiles or company website. If certain information (such as the visitor’s gender, age, or job title, for example) isn’t available on their social profiles or company website, that information won’t be available through FullContact.