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Pre-chat Survey

The Pre-chat Survey allows you to ask visitors for their name, email, phone number and more before starting a chat.

Enable in Olark Classic settings

You can enable and modify the form in the Text & Forms section of your Olark dashboard.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 10.02.14 AM

This is a great tool to gather information about your visitors before they start chatting. You can modify the settings so that the pre-chat form is completely optional, required, or only require certain fields such as email.

Enable the Pre-Chat Survey a single page

If you'd like to only use the Pre-Chat Survey on only specific pages of your website, you can do so by using the Olark API.

To add the Pre-Chat Survey to a page, you will need to modify the Olark snippet on that page with the following:

/* custom configuration goes here ( */
olark.configure("features.prechat_survey", true);
olark.configure('system.ask_for_name', 'required');
olark.configure('system.ask_for_email', 'optional');
olark.configure('system.ask_for_phone', 'hidden');

This will enable a pre-chat survey that requires a name, shows an email field which can be left blank by the visitor, and hides the phone number field.

To disable the pre-chat survey on a page, you can set it to false:

olark.configure("features.prechat_survey", false);
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