Olark offers a variety of reporting options including:

Chat Ratings

Chat Ratings lets you send the visitor a post-chat survey to find out how they rated their chat experience while on your site. You can read more about Chat Ratings here.

In addition to providing chat ratings feedback, your reports page also contains information about the number of chats you had and other useful data such as how many chats happened within a particular date range.

Email Reports

You can manually email a CSV report containing all known information about your chats over a designated time period.

You can see a breakdown of each of the field names here.

You can also automate reporting emails so that they get sent to your account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can read more about our automated email reports here.

Agent Activity

Agent Activity lets you review important agent metrics. You can see which agents are online in real-time, look at your average response time, see the total number of chats, and more.

View our in-depth guide to Agent Activity reporting here.

Integrating with Google Analytics

Olark works with Google Analytics (GA) to log all interactions your chat agents have with your visitors, so you can track the effectiveness of Olark chat on your site.

We have a guide to getting started with Google Analytics and Olark here.

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