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Get Feedback with Chat Ratings

Chat Ratings let you send the visitor a post-chat survey to find out how they rated their chat experience while on your site.

Enabling Chat Ratings

Head to your Setup page and click the "Ask for visitor feedback" box to enable chat ratings.

Requesting chat feedback

An agent can send a feedback request at any time during an ongoing conversation by using the !feedback command. The feedback survey will also be included if the agent uses the !end command or closes the chat tab when using the Olark chat console.

Feedback survey

This will send the visitor a 5-question survey in the chat box. The first four questions are answered by choosing a rating from 1 to 5. The fifth question is a free-form answer, allowing the visitor to type their feedback. If the visitor chooses to leave feedback, the agent will receive a notification with the contents of the free-form answer.

The four questions relate to:

  • Overall chat satisfaction
  • Knowledge of the chat agent
  • Responsiveness of the chat agent
  • Friendliness of the chat agent

Viewing chat ratings

You can filter reports by agents and agent groups as well as selecting a date range. Chat ratings are broken down into Great Chats, those with a 4-star rating and above, and Chats to Review, which receive a 3-star rating or below.

Chat Ratings

Clicking on any of the labels on the chats will take you through to the Transcripts page, which lists all of the matching chats for the label clicked.

View chat transcripts

From your Transcripts page, you will be able to see the overall rating of a chat.

Clicking on an individual transcript will show the ratings for each of the four questions.

Chat Transcripts Screenshot

Reasonable questions you might have

You've turned the Chat Ratings feature on and have started to collect feedback, but as the data rolls in you may have more questions and look to explore even deeper. Here we'll look to answer some of your questions, but feel free to chat, tweet, or email us with more very reasonable queries.

Can I exclude a Chat Rating from Reports?

Administrative users can exclude a Chat Rating from Reports. Navigate to the associated transcript and click the link titled 'Click here to exclude this Chat Rating from Reports' located in the upper right hand corner of the Chat Rating.

What if my visitors don't speak English?

That's ok! The Chat Ratings survey is currently available in the following languages: English, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish.

How can I customize the questions? What if my language isn't on the above list?

We actually put a lot of research into the best way to obtain accurate responses from your visitors, so the closer your translations are to what we use now, the more effective we feel the responses you receive will be.

You can use the JavaScript API to translate questions into languages which are not built in. Note that if you change the meaning of the question, then the graphs and queries based on that question may not be meaningful.

How does Olark calculate Average Chats Per Day?

Average Chats Per Day is calculated by dividing the number of chats by the number of days on which there was actually a chat (rather than simply the number of calendar days) for the date range you've chosen.

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