We’ve improved the look and behavior of the Olark chat box! So, what’s new?

Most noticeably, the chat box and button now have a more modern look. New Chatbox Agent feedback is now an interactive experience Interactive Feedback

Questions you might have:

Is the updated chatbox accessible?

The chatbox conforms with Level A and Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0. We will continue to perform accessibility testing, including live-user testing, on a regular scheduled basis to ensure we remain compliant.

Why did you move the minimize button to below the chatbox?

This greatly enhances the the chat experience on mobile devices. It’s now more apparent that the chat box is an overlay on the mobile website.

Why did you remove the attention grabber?

To be completely honest, it was starting to look a bit dated. Now that chat is expected on websites the need to add something additional to call attention to the chat box has decreased. It was also getting in the way of us bringing you an up-to-date chatbox with new, modern, features.

Do API calls still work?

Yep! API calls still work. (Except for the attention grabber call - that’s been depricated with the attention grabber feature.)