You can set up Olark with the most popular blogging platform in the world. Add Olark to your WordPress site in a few simple steps.

Important: This tutorial is for self-hosted WordPress**.org** sites. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add Olark to a WordPress**.com** blog.

Check it out: Olark has its own WordPress plugin! Learn more about Olark Live Chat for WordPress, or get instructions for installing the plugin as an alternative to using the manual steps below.

  1. Sign in to your WordPress admin panel.

    login screen

  2. Access the Widgets section, under the Appearance menu.


  3. Add a Text Widget in any active widget area that you have, so long as it is loaded on every single page view. A footer area may be best.

    Text widget

  4. Log in to copy your Olark code snippet.

  5. Paste your code into the Text widget, leaving the title blank.

    Olark code in text widget

  6. Hit save, and you’re all set! If the chatbox does not appear immediately, try refreshing your website.

Some people have reported issues with WordPress 4.1.1. After testing, we can confirm that this widget method continues to work in 4.1.1. However, some WordPress themes over-ride the widget areas. Please use the steps below if the widget method is not suitable for your site.


Some WordPress themes don’t allow you to change widgets, and some themes over-ride widget settings. Here are a couple more options.

  1. Go to appearance > theme options and look for an area to add custom code such as Google analytics.

    theme options

  2. Try adding the Olark code there. If there is a footer option, use that.

    Footer option

Code editing

  1. If all else fails, go to appearance > editor > footer.php and add the code just above the closing body tag.

If you do not edit footer.php correctly, it can affect your entire site. Make sure to backup any files before editing.


If you use the WooCommerce plugin for Wordpress, you should be able to add Olark to your site in the same way as we suggest above.



Olark has its own WordPress plugin!


Plugins which support Olark are available for both WordPress and WooCommerce, however because they were built by a third party, we can’t provide much in the way of support if you are using them.

Note: Some plugins let you change the language of the chatbox within their settings. If you use that localization option, it will over-ride any text you set in the Olark settings page.

Where possible we recommend using the methods above.

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