You can use tags to add category and topic labels to your chats, such as feature-request or followup. Tagging chats makes it easier to analyze chat traffic, and helps you search and filter your transcript archive.

Add a tag to a chat

During a conversation, type !tag, followed by a space, then whatever word or short phrase you’d like, for example !tag sales.

Add a tag to a chat

The tag appears in the agent view of the chat, but your visitor won’t see it.

Tip: Add tags when they’re fresh on your mind. You can’t add a tag after the chat has ended.

You can tag anything you’d like! There’s no predefined list or anything to set up. The only rules are:

  • Your message should start with !tag - in other words, don’t put a tag in the middle or end of a sentence.

  • Tags cannot contain spaces. Instead, put a - or _ between words.

Filtering transcripts by tag

This example chat has now been tagged with “refund”. If you’d like to see your transcripts filtered by a certain tag, use the Tags dropdown menu on your Transcripts page.

Filter transcripts for a tag

Adding multiple tags

You can add tags in successive messages, or save a tag or even a group of tags as a Shortcut to summon quickly in chat.

Add other information to a chats

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