1. Start by installing Olark from the Shopify App Store
  2. Then, head on over your Olark install page and click the green Install on this Shop button. This will automatically install the Olark chatbox on all of your shop pages, and you can uninstall just as easily.
  3. Edit your notification settings

If you ever wish to remove Shopify, you can do so by uninstalling the Olark app within Shopify.

Note: Olark will not display on your checkout page. This is because customers are transferred to a different domain to complete payment. Shopify does not permit scripts to be added to the checkout process for security reasons associated with PCI compliance


Not seeing the one-click install button

Try going to our Shopify page and entering the address for your Shopify store.

If your Shopify theme uses the mmenu jQuery plugin, it may be stopping the chat box from loading.

To test, open your web browser's Developer Tools console while on your website, then run the following command:

if (jQuery().mmenu != null) {
    console.log('You have the jQuery mmenu plugin loaded.')
else {
    console.log('The jQuery mmenu plugin is NOT loaded.')

If the message says that mmenu is installed, then follow the mmenu guide for a workaround.