A great use of Olark is proactively reaching out to your visitors, whether sending a message from an agent, using our Greeter function, or creating Automation rules.

From your visitor list

You can start a chat with anyone you see in your visitor list.

Like any other chat application, select a visitor from your list and send them a message. It will make the chat box expand in the visitor’s browser and play a small sound to let them know they received a message.

Using the Greeter

You can also use our Greeter function to send a timed message to site visitors who may be lingering for a long time on a page that puzzles them.

This can be extremely helpful to proactively start an info or help conversation. Many users have found this profoundly ratchets up the amount of customer interaction in a positive way.

If none of your agents are available to respond, the Greeter will not send a message.

Using Automation rules

We also have an Automation function that will let you reach out to your customers when their actions match a certin set of criteria! Automation rules that send messages will currently only trigger when at least one agent is available.

Check out this blog article for more information on how to make the most of Automation!