In order to switch account ownership or change the Primary Operator (i.e., the owner) of the Olark account over to someone else, you’ll want to first visit the Team page in your Olark account (note: only Admins in the Olark account can perform this change). From there, you can determine who is the Primary Operator of the Olark account is based on the color of the word Deactivate next to their name:


If the word Deactivate is grey, this means that specific user is the Primary Operator - the Primary Operator seat cannot be deactivated because someone must always be the owner of the account. What you can do is click on the word Edit next to the Primary Operator’s name so that you can change the person assigned to the seat!

Note: Do not change the password when updating the Primary Operator information. The new Primary Operator can use the Reset Password link to set a new, secure password once you’ve updated the contact information in the Primary Operator seat.

Error Messages

The email address and/or username that you’re entering cannot be in use. If they are already in use, our system will produce error messages within the dashboard. For example, you might have Agent A as the Primary Operator of your account and Agent B as a standard agent. If you’re trying to make Agent B the Primary Operator and enter Agent B’s email address (e.g.,, you’ll run into this error message:

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 10.42.42 AM

This is based on the fact that Agent B’s email address is already in use with their standard agent seat - you cannot have the same email address entered in our system twice. To resolve this, you can edit Agent B’s email address, which will then free up their email address for use in the Primary Operator seat. You can also try adding +1 to Agent B’s email address (e.g., Our system will think they are different email addresses, but your email service will send both into the inbox.

The same applies for username updates. If the username is already in use, our dashboard may display the following error message:

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 10.43.04 AM

Be sure to select a unique username that likely isn’t taken by one of our other customers!

Once you’ve updated and changed the user information in the Primary Agent seat, the new Primary Operator is ready to login. They can visit our Reset Password link to setup a secure password for themselves via email.