To switch account ownership or change the Primary Operator (i.e., the owner) of the Olark account over to someone else, visit the Team page. You’ll know who the account owner is based on the color of the word Deactivate next to their name. If Deactivate is in grey, that user is the Primary Operator.

Account Owner Seat

The Primary Operator seat cannot be deactivated or deleted because someone needs to be the owner of the account. Instead, you’ll need to edit who is in the seat. Click on the word Edit next to the Primary Operator’s name so that you can assign a new person to the Owner’s seat.

Note: Don’t change the password when changing the Primary Operator! The new Primary Operator can use the Reset Password link to set a new, secure password once you’ve added in their email address to the seat.


The new email address and/or username that you’re entering can’t be in use in any other Olark accounts. For example, you might have Jane as the Primary Operator of your account and John as a standard agent. If you’re trying to make John the new owner of the account and enter John’s email address (e.g.,, you’ll run into this error message:

Email Taken

Why? John’s email address is already in use and you can’t have the same email address entered in our system twice. The solution?

  1. You could edit John’s email address, which will then free up his old email address to be used in the Primary Operator seat.

  2. Or, you can add +1 to John’s email address (e.g., and our system will register it as a different email address. can then use the Reset Password link to get into the account!

Same rules for username updates. If the username is already in use, our dashboard may display the following error message:

Username Error

Be sure to select a unique username that likely isn’t taken by one of our other customers!

Once you’ve updated and changed the user information in the Primary Agent seat, the new Primary Operator is ready to login. They can visit our Reset Password link to setup a secure password for themselves via email. Still having issues? Start a live chat with us and we’d be happy to help further!

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