Olark has a fantastic extension for Magento, the shopping cart for the Internet's leading ecommerce brands.

The Olark CartSaver extension shows you exactly what your customers are buying on your site as they buy it. End the mystery of what's in a customer's shopping cart when trying to upsell, save an abandoned shopping cart, or simply trying to get to know a customer.


You can install the Olark CartSaver extension if you're using either

  • Magento Community version 1.4 or higher
  • Magento Enterprise version 1.9 or higher

Otherwise, you can easily install Olark without using an extension.

Installing the Olark live chat Magento extension

  1. Go to Olark live chat's listing on Magento Connect. Click Install Now to get your extension key.

    Get your extension key from Magento Connect

  2. Log into the Magento admin console by clicking on the System menu and then the Magento Connect Manager.

  3. Copy the extension key from the Magento Connect page and paste where it says Paste extension key to install. Click Install.

    Then click Proceed.

Part 2. Adding Olark live chat to your storefront

  1. Go back to the Magento admin console. Click on the CMS menu and then Widgets.

    Click on Add New Widget Instance on the next page.

  2. Select Olark Live Chat as the Type. Pick the appropriate Design Package/Theme for your store. Then click Continue.

    Select the store views you want - we recommend All Store Views. Set the Sort Order to 0.

  3. Click on Add Layout Update. Choose the pages you'd like Olark to Display On. We recommend All Pages because you can control Olark finely with Targeted Chat. Select Main Content Area for the Block Reference.

  4. Click Widget Options on the lefthand sidebar.

  5. Copy your Site ID from your Olark account. If you don't have an account, create an Olark account first.

  6. Paste your Olark Site-ID into the first field. Once complete, click Save.

    If you wish to add custom Olark API calls, you can add them to the Developer API Snippets field towards the bottom of the page.

  7. Head back into your Olark account to configure CartSaver notifications.

    The Olark CartSaver can tell your sales and support teams the second someone updates their shopping cart or checks out so you can reach out and close the sale. You have several options:

    • Notify when cart total is more than (a certain value). Turn on or off cart update notifications, and set the minimum cart total in your currency (e.g. dollars) before we start notifying you about a customer. If you only want to get notifications about big ticket customers, set the minimum cart total higher than 0. Notifications will turn off for this customer when their cart is emptied.

    • Add and remove notifications.. Decide if you only care about customers added items, removing items, or both.

    • Checkout notifications.. Get notified if a customer begins checking out, when they complete the order, or when an order is cancelled (beta).

    • Include SKU in product descriptions. We always show the product name. However, you can show the product SKU if it is meaningful to you.

Refreshing your cache

  1. Go the System menu and then Cache Management.

  2. Check the Layouts and Blocks HTML output boxes. Make sure Refresh is selected in the top right corner of the table and click Submit.

  3. All done! Go to your store front and revel in the glory of Olark live chat. If you configured Olark to send you shopping cart notifications, you'll receive them as soon as you log in to the chat console or in your chat client.

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If the chat box does not display on your page, there are some things you can check:

  • First, make sure the Olark code appears on your page. Use your browser's view-source feature, search the page for any references to Olark
  • Check that both the Magento cache and your browser cache have been cleared. Instructions for clearing your Magento cache can be found above under Refreshing your cache.
  • Some Magento themes appear to not support adding widgets correctly. In this case, use the files provided below.

    Note: These files should only be used by experienced Magento developers. If you're not familiar with developing with Magento, don't upload these files to your installation:
    Download CartSaver plugin source files