We have identified an issue with customers using Olark’s Cartsaver feature with Magento Enterprise edition. This appears to be a known issue. There is a workaround that works for some customers by making changes to your Magento settings.

What is the issue?

The reported issue is that visitor information in Magento can appear to show data from a previous visitor to your site, including their shopping cart contents (if using the CartSaver function) in the chat console. The incorrect information can sometimes show a few moments after the chat starts.

What causes the issue?

As far as we are aware, all of the following conditions need to be met for the problem to occur:

  • Using either Magento Enterprise or Community edition.
  • The ‘Use SID on Frontend’ setting is set to YES in Magento.
  • The ‘Full page caching’ setting is set to YES in Magento.

If you experience this issue and one or more of the following do not occur to you, please contact us.

As a result of our investigation into this issue, we would recommend the setting ‘Use SID on Frontend’ to NO and ‘Full page caching’ to NO. You can access this setting by going to System > Configuration > Web.

This is our current recommendation, though we would always recommend consulting your web developer first, to make sure this does not affect any other parts of your site.

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