Wait, where are my visitors' IP addresses?

As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen our privacy practices, we’re updating the way we handle a key piece of Personally Identifiable Information (PII): your visitor’s IP addresses. Beginning October 25th, 2019, you will no longer see your visitor’s IP addresses in the Chat Console when chatting. Additionally, IP addresses will no longer be stored in transcripts, included in reports, or transmitted via integrations.

If I can’t see the IP address, how do I block trolls?

We know that trolls are a pain. We’ve included the ability to expose a troll’s IP address for the purposes of blocking abusive behavior. Expand the “Additional info” panel and click the “reveal ip address” link and follow these instructions.

Olark Chat

Will my existing rules that use IP address continue to work?

Yes. Any rules set up using IP address as a condition will continue to function as normal.

Will I still be able to see my visitor’s geolocation?

Yes. Geolocation will continue to show in the agent console.

If IP address isn’t stored in transcripts, how do I identify repeat visitors?

Olark assigns each visitor a unique ID, aptly called the Visitor ID. This ID is based on a cookie stored in your visitor’s browser. You can find the visitor ID in the “Advanced Info” section of the transcript:

Olark Transcripts

NOTE: the id number you sometimes see after a visitor’s location is not the “visitor ID.” This number is only used during the chat session, is randomly generated and often reused.

This ID number can be used to search transcripts.

Will I still be able to get visitor IP addresses via my CRM/help desk/webhook/other integration?

No. We are no longer storing IP addresses after the chat session ends. That information will not be on the transcript of the chat or sent via integrations.

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