The !develop command opens a built-in debugging tool for Olark on your website. This can help you mimic the behavior of different kinds of visitors. You use the command from the Agent side, and the debugging tools will show on the visitor’s end.

develop command being used in the chat console

!develop overlays a modal box at the bottom of your website with 3 options:

  • pretend to be a brand new visitor
  • pretend this is a new visit to the site
  • pretend to change pages

Options for the develop

Note: If you are chatting with a visitor and use this command, they will see the box. You will not. The best way to test this is to start a chat with yourself and then use the command.

!develop is a great tool for troubleshooting and debugging rules.

Pretend to be a brand new visitor

Your browser will normally save information about your previous visits to a website. That can make it difficult to see your chatbox as a brand new visitor would see it. One option is to clear your cache and cookies. This !develop option saves you time as there is no need to clear your cache. Just “Pretend to be a brand new visitor” and you will see what your visitors see when they first arrive, including the greeter or Automation rules if they are enabled.

Pretend this is a new visit to the site

One option in targeted chat is to send a different message to the visitor based on the number of visits they have made to your site. “Pretend this is a new visit to the site” will let you check the rule is working.

Pretend to change pages

Another rule option is to send a message based on how many pages the visitor has viewed. “Pretend to change pages” allows you to check this with ease.

Check out the targeted chat guide for more hints and tips for setting rules, and the commands guide to see more Olark commands.

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