Chatlio Alternative: Embed Slack with advanced live chat features

Do you want to embed Slack into your website so you can talk to your team and your customers from one place? Are you looking for more than just the basic live chat features?

With Olark’s Slack integration, your team can choose between working in Slack, chatting from our easy to use native chat console, or using a third-party app.

Chatlio relies on Zapier and Webhooks to share data with your CRM, CMS and other tools — Olark has more than 20 direct integrations and plugins so you can easily connect your favorite sales and support software to chat.

We also have advanced features such as automatic greetings, message triggers based on visitor behavior, and customizable surveys to automatically capture important information and ask questions to qualify leads - for one simple price.

Olark vs. Chatlio: Compare Live Chat Pricing and Features

Chatlio pricing

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