There are two options for routing chats to your team. This setting can be modified from the Advanced Settings page.

All Agents

All agents

By default all agents see each incoming chat requests. Whoever is quickest gets the chat (coffee is for closers!). This might be best for small teams, where whoever is free can engage with the customer.

Once a chat has been responded to, all the other agents will see who has taken the chat. Upon seeing the notification that another agent has responded, feel free to close this open tab.

Round Robin

Round robin

You can enable Round Robin chat assignments so that each chat goes to only one available agent at a time on a rotating and availability basis.

Round Robin is recommended for busy teams, so that visitors are automatically assigned a chat agent.

Round Robin will attempt to evenly distribute new inbound chats, by attempting to assign each new chat to the agent who least recently received a chat. In the case that all agents log off and your site goes offline we will reset the order in which chats are distributed, so if you do not offer 247 chat support the Round Robin mechanism will reset each day. Due to how we distribute chats, there may be times where one of your agents is getting more than the other online agents, but this will even itself over time.

Round Robin also provides your team with the ability to set max chats per agent. This will automatically set your agent to away when they reach a specified amount of chats so that they do not get overwhelmed and can provide the best support possible.