The Groups feature allows you to link visitors into specific agent groups, so their chats go to the correct group of agents on your website. All paid plans now support Groups.

This guide has three parts:

Creating a group

  1. First, navigate to your Agents page. On this page, you are able to create and manage your groups.

  2. Click on the Create Group button.

  3. You will see a "New Group" appear above the button.

    New group

    Once you click on the "New Group" group, you can click on the pencil icon next to the group name to rename the group.

    Pencil Icon

  4. You can then click on the Add Some Agents button, and that will take you back to the Agents page.

  5. Back on the Agents page, check the boxes next to the agents you wish to add to a group, and then click on the pull-down menu above the agent list titled Add to Group.

    In that pull down menu, once you select the group you wish to add users to, all of the selected users below will be added to that group.


Locking visitors to an agent group

We offer 2 options for automatically routing your visitors to Agent Groups. You can use either the Targeted Chat option or the JavaScript API option. Both options are explained below. You only need to use one option per page, though. Using both could result in some conflicting Groups behavior.

Option 1: Using Targeted Chat

Create a Targeted Chat rule to assign a visitor to the agent group based on certain conditions.

targeted chat group call

You can also lock a visitor to a group based on the number of pages they have viewed or their location. There are lots of options - have a play!

targete chat group call

Option 2: Using the JavaScript API

When you create an agent group, you are provided with a snippet of Javascript code on the top of this page.

Paste this snippet in your existing Olark code.

/* custom configuration goes here ( */  
olark.configure("", "2fjsdvbn3345g"); /* Routes to sales */


  • My chat box shows offline If a visitor is locked to an agent group, the chat box will only show as online if agents in that group are available.

    Even if agents are available in another group, the chat box would still show as offline.

  • The visitor wasn't assigned to a group Using olark.configure('','xxx'); will only work when your page loads, as the Olark chat box initiates.

    If you want to assign the visitor to a group after the page has loaded, use instead.

  • I want to re-assign a visitor to a group Visitors can only be assigned to a chat before an agent has responded. Once a visitor responds, they are locked to that agent group for that chat session unless manually transferred by the agent.

  • If an agent is in multiple groups, how are chats assigned? Olark does not look at the status of chats delivered by other groups when assigning new chats to agents. Should you be using the Round Robin chat routing configuration, Olark does not take into consideration any other chat delivered by other groups.