ActiveCampaign integration guide (via Zapier)

NOTE: This help article is intended for customers on our self-serve level of service. If you are an Olark Pro customer, your integration likely will work differently. Please reach out to for help with setting up your integration.

With the Olark and ActiveCampaign integration, you can add new contacts or update existing contacts in ActiveCampaign with new Olark chat messages and transcripts.

This integration requires a Zapier account.

Setup Steps

  1. To setup ActiveCampaign with Olark, you'll first need to login to your Zapier account and click on the Make a Zap button in the upper left corner.

  2. Under step one, choose Olark as the app and New Message as the event, and click the Continue button to setup the Webhook.

  3. To setup the Webhook, copy the Webhook URL and login to your Olark dashboard. Head over to Integrations > Webhooks. Under Connect a Webhook, paste the Webhook URL into the URL to post to box. Make sure the first three checkboxes are checked to send transcripts automatically, send offline messages and all events. Click Save.

  4. Next, setup your ActiveCampaign account in step two. Choose ActiveCampaign as the app and Create/Update Contact as the event. Choose the ActiveCampaign account you wish to sync with Olark messages. Customize the contact information to sync between Olark and ActiveCampaign. The email address is the only required field, but you can add additional fields like first and last name, phone number, etc., to create better customer profiles. Click Continue.

  5. Now, you can click the Test & Continue button. As long as everything is working properly, you can now turn the Zap on.


To test the Zap yourself, head over to your website and start a chat. When a customer inputs their email address (or other information) into the pre-chat form, it will automatically add the new contact to your ActiveCampaign contact list.

You can find more information on setting up Pre-Chat Surveys here.