Zoom integration guide

Personal Meeting Link

Find your personal Zoom meeting ID. Click on Meetings > My Personal Meeting ID > Show Meeting Invitation. Then, copy the link.

Zoom ID

Setting up the Olark Shortcut

In Olark, go to Dashboard > Settings > Shortcuts. (Note: Shortcuts is a paid feature.)

Input ‘zoom’ into a new Shortcut, then paste your personal Zoom meeting room into the link section. We also recommend including some text like:

Hop on a quick Zoom call with me: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8899993909

Zoom shortcut

When you want to call up this text, just type ;zoom into your chat:

Zoom shortcut agent 1

Hit return, and watch it automatically populate with your greeting.

Zoom shortcut agent 2

Send the message and bam, they’re invited!

Zoom shortcut agent 3

They’ll see your invitation as soon as you send.

Zoom dialogue

Then fire up Zoom and meet your chat visitor there!

See more on setting up Shortcuts here.