**NOTE: This help article is intended for customers on our self-serve level of service. If you are an Olark Pro customer, your integration likely will work differently. Please reach out to pro@olark.com for help with setting up your integration. **

You can create a ticket in Zendesk simply by using the !zendesk command while chatting with a visitor via Olark, or have all chats sent automatically.

Olark will associate a Ticket with existing information, as long as the email address for the visitor in Olark matches their email address in Zendesk. You can use our Pre-Chat Survey to collect visitor information before they start chatting, our !email command, or you can push known data about your visitor to Olark automatically via our API.

How to connect Olark to Zendesk

  1. Log into Olark and go to your Zendesk integration page. On the left, you’ll see text fields where you’ll need to enter information about your Zendesk account.

    Zendesk intregration page

  2. Next, login to Zendesk and click on the gear icon on the left of the dashboard to bring up Settings.

    Zendesk settings

  3. Scroll down the left sidebar. Under Channels, click on API.

    API link

  4. On this page, toggle Token Access to Enabled, then click the plus button to add a new token.

    Zendesk api settings page

  5. A window will appear showing your API Token. Copy it and paste it into the Zendesk password/token field on the Zendesk integration page. Congrats, you’re ready to send chats to Zendesk!

    api token

    When you send a transcript to Zendesk, you can see it both in the Home and Tickets views:

    Zendesk ticket

    Notice how we add the olark_chat tag. You can add more tags of your own from Olark chat, using the !tag command

    Once connected, you can send a test case at any time with the click of a button inside the configuration area:

    Send test button

Zendesk Help Center Integration

You can also use Olark on your Zendesk support pages. Check out our Installing Olark in Zendesk guide for details.

Zendesk fields

Here is a list of the fields we send to Zendesk

  • subject (“Olark chat”…)
  • body (the content of the chat transcript or offline message)
  • tags (an array of tags added by the agent)
  • channel (constant: “chat”)
  • operator_id (we attempt to attach the ticket to the email address of the agent currently taking the chat. If that’s not possible, we send it as an unassigned ticket)
  • visitor_email
  • visitor_name
  • visitor_phone_number
  • operator_email
  • specified_group_id
  • status
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