Wix is now available in HTML5. Create a website with Wix Free HTML Editor and integrate Olark live chat in just a few short steps.

Important: We are happy that you’d like to use Olark with your Wix website, hoever in most cases Olark will not work properly with Wix. You will have issues with the way our widget floats and the positioning of our widget with Wix. We do not recommend using Olark with Wix.

  1. On the left hand side of the screen, click on the + sign to add a new section to your site.

    Plus sign button

  2. Click on Apps at the bottom of the list

    Apps menu item

  3. Click on HTML

    HTML menu item

  4. You will see a box pop up in the center of your screen. This is where your widget will appear. Since Wix is not a standard web-host, a lot of our features will be muted by using their service.

    HTML code text area

    You need to move the wire-frame box of the widget to where you want it to be displayed at on your page. Please note, any changes you make in our appearances page will not move this widget in Wix.

    On the left hand side of the page switch the Mode to HTML Code and paste in your Olark code, and then click on update.

    Because of the limitations of the Wix service, you will also need to resize the window where our widget appears. You can do this on the bottom right of the HTML Settings window, or by dragging the wireframe of the popped up frame.

  5. Publish your changes and you are all set!!