Since it is possible to have multiple integrations with Olark, users can connect their chats to all of their favorite services simultaneously. However, every chat is unique and each may benefit from being sent to a specific service over another.

Here is where our ![integration-name] command comes in handy!

Send chat information to a specific integration by typing ! before the name of your integration, e.g. !zendesk. This way your chat information only goes to the integration you want.

trigger integration command

If you’re unsure which integrations you have enabled or don’t know the official name of the integration you want to send your transcript to, you can type !trigger and hit enter. The command will show a list of available integrations on your Olark account.

trigger integration command

If you want your chat data sent to all of your integrations at once, use our !case or !lead commands, and the transcript will be sent to all of your connected integrations.

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