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Template integration guide

Pre-installed Olark

When you use a Content Management System (CMS), such as Wordpress for example, some themes may come with a built in Olark chatbox. The theme developer will have chosen to add it to the template.

Configure and use the chatbox

If you would like to use that chatbox, you will need to follow a couple of easy steps to configure it.

  1. Find out where the code for the chatbox is located in your CMS. (If you are not sure which platform your site is built with, you can use this website to find out)
  2. Sign up for an Olark account and locate your Site ID
  3. Back in your CMS, replace the existing Site ID in the Olark code with your own Site ID. We have a range of guides for different CMS platforms. Your chatbox is now linked to your own Olark account.
  4. olark.identify('YOUR_SITE_ID_GOES_HERE');
  5. You are now ready to start chatting with your site's visitors.

Template Monster is one company which provides templates including Olark. They have a set of tutorials to help you configure or remove Olark.

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