Working with websites can be a frustrating experience at the best of times. Start here for a list of things you can check for when your Olark chatbox is not showing.

  • Copying and pasting code incorrectly
    Sometimes your text editor will accidentally reformat your code. Especially watch out for rich text editors (ones that have options like bold or underline). Try copying and pasting the code again to make sure everything worked correctly.
  • Viewing in a mobile browser
    If you can’t see the chatbox, and you are using Safari, check that it is not in private mode. Olark requires cookies to work, and they must be enabled.
  • Accidentally having your Olark box hide when you’re offline
    In our settings page you can have Olark hide when you’re away or logged out of your chat client. This causes the window to hide when you are away or offline, so you might want to double check to make sure you don’t have this setting turned on.
  • Could it be your network? Sometimes, some firewalls and anti-virus programs can stop the Olark chatbox showing. To test this theory, try looking at your site on a different internet connection, like a coffee shop. If you have the mobile chatbox enabled, you could try looking at your site over your mobile network. If the chatbox shows on a different network, you might need to take your IT department a coffee and ask them to see what might be causing the issue.
  • Not seeing a chatbox on someone’s site? Sometimes, using an adblock program can stop you seeing an Olark chatbox on a website. Try disabling your adblock extension or software.
  • Check your browser settings It is possible that your browser settings are preventing Olark showing. If you use Safari, make sure that it is not in private mode - Olark does not work in Safari private mode. The same applies to Chrome. Check this setting in your Chrome preferences; content settings: under “Cookies” - “Block third-party cookies and site data”. If that is enabled, it will also block Olark.