With the Olark and Slate integration, you can import your Olark chat metadata directly into Slate to give your staff a bigger picture of what’s happening with your prospects and students.

Here’s how the integration works:

In Olark, you can have a CSV file emailed to you daily, weekly, or monthly that contains all information about your chats. Most of our customers do this once per month or quarter as part of their report. Here is a list of all the data fields you can track.

From here, you can map field names to Slate destinations. Here are the ones we recommend mapping:

Source Field Destination
chat_start_time Interaction - Interaction: Date
visitor_email Record - Email
first_page_url Interaction - Interaction: Subject
transcript_url Interaction - Interaction: Private Comments
operator_id Interaction - Interaction: User

For Value Mappings, map the Olark operator_id to the corresponding Slate users. For Static Mappings, map Interaction - Interaction: Code to a “chat” interaction code.

__Then, upload the file into Slate. __

When you’re done, a record like this will appear on your student interaction timeline:

Slate graphic 1

The import will tie the chat interaction back to the chat agent in your system, include the date and time the chat took place, track the first page your visitor was viewing by URL, and provide a link to the associated chat transcript on Olark.

A popup like this will appear when you click on the interaction:

Slate graphic 2

Voila! Your Olark chat is tracked in Slate!

Want to automate these updates and more with Olark and Slate? Set up a call with our Pro services team: we can work with you or your IT organization to automate this import and bring even more Slate smarts to Olark.

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