Want a faster way to type out your most common phrases? Shortcuts allow you to create commands that expand to pre-defined greetings, messages or links.

Shortcuts is a paid feature. Free users can upgrade their accounts to have access. Shortcuts only work on the Olark chat console.

Shortcuts preferences

Shortcuts save you time as an agent, but we suggest using them in moderation to keep a balance between efficiency and your personal tone. From our experience, visitors respond best when they feel they’re having a conversation, rather than being given stock responses.

Visit your own website and have one of your agents use Shortcuts. Consider whether the messages still feel like a personal live chat experience and match the voice of your company.

Using Shortcuts

From the Olark chat console type the ; (semicolon) character into the text area to open a list of your saved shortcuts.

Filter the list of shortcuts by typing part of the shortcut name.

Select a shortcut by highlighting it with your keyboard using the up and down arrow keys then pressing <tab> or <enter>. Alternatively, use your mouse to click on the shortcut.

Using Shortcuts

Use the ; (semicolon) character to bring up your Shortcuts while chatting.

The pre-defined text will appear in the text area, but will not automatically send. You have the chance to change the text before sending.

Saving Shortcuts

Use the Shortcuts preferences to create and edit new snippets.

Administrators can create and edit Team Shortcuts. These are shared by all agents on the account. Any agent can create and edit Personal Shortcuts, accessible only to them. If a team and personal Shortcut are the same, the personal Shortcut will be used.

Savings Shortcuts

Saving Shortcuts while chatting

You can also save Personal Shortcuts directly in the Olark chat console. After sending a message, hover over it to reveal the save shortcut icon.

Click the icon to reveal the Add a shortcut window. Add a shortcut command, edit the pre-filled message if you wish and click Done.

Saving Shortcuts while chatting

You’ll be able to use the new Shortcut straight away and edit it from your Shortcuts preferences page.

Troubleshooting Shortcuts

  1. Refresh your browser
  2. Clear cache and cookies
  3. Log out of chat and then back in
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