The !send command allows you to forward a chat transcript via email during a chat conversation with a visitor.

Examples and Usage

In your chat conversation, type one of the following and hit return or enter.

  • !send - emails the transcript to the visitor’s email (if available).
  • !send - emails the transcript to
  • !send, - emails the transcript to both email addresses.


  • Using the !send command on its own will send to the visitor’s email.
  • If the visitor doesn’t have an email, the agent will see an error returned in the chat.
  • The agent receives a notification that the email is sending. They’ll receive a notification if there is an error sending the transcript, but not if the email bounces at the visitor’s end. The agent also does not receive a notification that the email was delivered.
  • The visitor does not receive a notification in the chat that the email was sent.
  • There is not currently an option to automatically email transcripts to visitors.
  • Visitors cannot currently use the command themselves, however once the chat has ended the visitor will have the option to email themselves a transcript of the conversation.
  • The !send command will send the contents of the conversation up to that point. Any content after the !send command is used will be emailed later.
  • Transcript emails cannot currently be localized into different languages.
  • You can email a chat transcript after a chat has ended from the Transcripts page.
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