If you’re a Windows user, we recommend using Olark with Pidgin, a free instant messenger program. You can get set up in minutes with ease.

  1. Download Pidgin for free and install

  2. Launch Pidgin

  3. Click ‘Accounts’ > ‘Manage Accounts’

    step 3

  4. Click ‘add’

    step 4

  5. Choose the ‘XMPP’ (Jabber) protocol.

    step 5

  6. Enter your Olark credentials

    step 6

    • Fill in the field ‘Screen Name:’ with your Olark username: ex: bill_t,
    • The ‘Domain:’ field with ‘olark.com’,
    • The ‘Password’ field with your Olark password.
    • Resource = Pidgin

    Click Save when you are done

  7. Enable Olark by clicking ‘Accounts’ > ‘Enable Account’ > select your Olark account

    step 7

And you are all set!

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