If you're a Windows user, we recommend using Olark with Pidgin, a free instant messenger program. You can get set up in minutes with ease.

  1. Download Pidgin for free and install
  2. Launch Pidgin
  3. Enter the Pidgin 'Add Account' dialog. If this is your first time running Pidgin you can do this from the welcome screen.

    This dialog can also be found in the Pidgin 'Accounts' menu option.

    Just select 'add' from the Pidgin 'Accounts' menu.

  4. Choose the 'XMPP' (Jabber) protocol.

  5. Enter your Olark credentials

    You will also probably want to check the box labeled 'Remember Password'. Click Save when you are done.

    • Fill in the field 'Screen Name:' with your Olark username: ex: bill_t,
    • The 'Domain:' field with 'olark.com',
    • The 'Password' field with your Olark password.
    • Resource = Pidgin
  6. The last step is to enable your new Olark account.

    You can do this using the 'Accounts' menu option under 'Enable Account', and then selecting your Olark account from the list of available accounts.

    You can also enable your account by navigating back to the 'Accounts' menu And checking the box labeled 'enable' to the left of your new Olark account.

And you are all set!