MODX is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that dominates SEO and supports all modern web standards. This guide will show you how to Integrate MODX with your Olark live chat.

Most MODX Sites use BaseTemplate or a Homepage or Index template for the majority of the site, this is where you want to add Olark.

  1. Sign into your MODX manager panel:

    login screen

  2. Access the elements section.

    Elements tab

  3. Create a new chunk and name it olark.

  4. Log in and copy your Olark embed code.

  5. Paste your code into the olark chunk.

    Olark code in text area

  6. Don’t forget to hit save. Depending how you set up your MODX site you can add Olark to a Template or to separate pages/resources.

  7. Access the template section.

  8. On the template that you wish to add Olark add the below chunk tag. Depending on your MODX version For 3.0+ (Revolution) use [[$olark]] For 2.0 and below (Evolution) use ``

    Olark chunk tag

  9. That’s it, now you’re done!