There are a few steps you can take to debug why the chatbox is not appearing on your mobile site.

Check if you have mobile enabled

The chatbox can be disabled or enabled from your Design settings.

mobile site settings

By default we enabled mobile for all accounts.

Check your Automation rules

Do you have an automation rule that is hiding the chatbox for mobile operating systems? You can see if you have a conflicting rule from your Automation page.

Check if your site is responsive

For the Olark chatbox to be able to appear on your website it must be responsive. Usually this means, in the page source of your site you will see a viewport meta tag like this:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">

To learn more about the HTML meta viewport tag, we recommend the CSS-Tricks article on responsive meta tags.

Check if you are viewing your site from a private browser

Make sure that “private browsing” is turned off in your device’s settings. Olark only loads on devices that allow stored cookies.

Check if you have the Olark install code on your mobile site

Many websites have two versions of their sites - one they serve to desktop, and one for mobile. Check if this is the case with your site and make sure to include the Olark install code in the code of your mobile site.