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This article will help answer some common questions and provide troubleshooting advice about our mobile theme, Hummingbird.

FAQ about Hummingbird

How can I disable/enable the mobile chatbox?

Hummingbird can be disabled or enabled from the Appearance configuration page. If you had the previous mobile beta enabled, Hummingbird is automatically enabled for your account.

What browsers do we support for mobile?

Check out our Browser Support Page to see what browsers we support for mobile and desktop.

How can I change the color of the mobile chatbox?

Appearance changes such as color, dimension and position of the chatbox will not be available, however we're working to add these customizations in the future.

Is custom CSS supported?

Custom CSS is currently not supported with Hummingbird but we're working on adding that functionality to the theme.

Will my Attention Grabber show?

No. If an account has an Attention Grabber enabled, it would only appear on the desktop theme.

Can I use Chat Ratings?

Currently Chat Ratings are not available with the mobile theme but we will be adding this functionality in the future.

Is Cobrowsing supported?

Cobrowsing is currently not supported for mobile visitors.

I have a free plan, can I use the mobile theme?

Yes, all plans can use the mobile theme.

The mobile theme is not showing on my site, what's the deal?

For Hummingbird to appear you need to have a mobile responsive site. If you don't know if your site is responsive you can look for a certain <meta> tag, which is a line of HTML you can add to your website to make it responsive. At the top of the page source in the <head> section look for a tag like this <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"> . To learn more about the HTML meta viewport tag, we recommend the CSS-Tricks article on responsive meta tags.

Make sure that "private browsing" is turned off in your device's settings. Olark only loads on devices that allow stored cookies.