You will need a permanent Meet link for this integration.

Google Meet doesn’t promote permanent Meet links, but there is a workaround:

Open Google Calendar and create a recurring event, with no end date. Click the “Add Google Meet videoconferencing” button to generate a link. Put it in its own sub-calendar so you can hide it if you like.

Google Meet permalink

The link will only persist as long as the events continue in your calendar. Copy the link.

In Olark, go to Dashboard > Settings > Shortcuts. (Note: Shortcuts is a paid feature.)

Input ‘meet’ into a new Shortcut.

Paste your Meet link into Olark Shortcuts.

We also recommend including a greeting like:

Hop on a quick Google Meet call with me:

Google Meet shortcut

Whenever you want to call up this invitation, just type ;meet into your chat.

Meet agent 1

Then hit return.

Meet agent 2

Then hit return again. Boom, invite sent!

Meet agent 3

They’ll see a seamless greeting and link.

Google Meet dialogue

Then start Google Meet using your recurring link and have a great video call with your chat visitor!

See more on setting up Shortcuts here.

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